Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stylish Blog Award Pt. 2

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!
Just had to break the rules and give out the Stylish Blogger Award for the second time in a month.

All the blogs that I follow are just wonderful and it's not right to pick and choose.
So I have the next list of the 7 great blogs that I read.

In random order...

1. Fashioned by Love
2. Lazy Saturdays
3. Adenorah
4. My Blonde Gal
5. Nothing Like Fashion
6. Sneak + Peak
7. Pink Flowers

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine...



  1. you are so kind to pass it by a second time to your fave bloggers :)

  2. Thanks Viviane. Shame you can't just give it to everyone. But hey, I've just broken the rules! Ha!ha! - J x

  3. You're welcome, Adenorah :)
    J x

  4. Got your message Little Russ.
    You're welcome hon.
    J x

  5. You're welcome Rania.
    J x

  6. Yay for breaking rules! Wahoo!

  7. Thanks Katie for starting it. Ha!ha!
    J x


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