Hello. My name is Joy and I have traded in vintage furniture and clothing for nearly a decade. When I was four, my mother put herself through dress-making school, so the landscape of my childhood featured mountains of fabrics, buttons, needles, pattern paper and a pedal-operated Singer sewing machine. Maybe it was the needles, but I ended up with a career in nursing. Still, I was fascinated with old and colourful things, and collecting them led to dealing in them.

I'm fascinated by the back-story these items carry with them, and each new piece of stock results in research into its origins. Equally interesting are the people around me who are as fascinated by me as the household goods and clothes of the mid-Twentieth Century. We learn from each other, and the fun to be had doing this is immense. I love trading at antique and vintage fairs, although I do seem to buy as much as I sell there. Hmm…

Since joining Independent Fashion Bloggers, I have discovered an increased interest in fashion, photography, and involvement in other forms of social media. I love trend-watching, understanding the process, and applying my newfound style. I like the idea that the future of fashion is not just covered by traditional print and television anymore. Any interested, passionate individual can help shape and transform fashion through blogging. Hence, I believe I shall be sticking around for quite sometime. Indeed, these are exciting times.