Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Trouble with 1950s Dresses

It's been nine days since the Chiswick Vintage Wedding Fair, and I still am answering your queries and requests my dear friends. Keep them coming. I'm not complaining.

Image Alex Drake Vintage

First off, thanks to all who came to my stall for a chat, tried my tiny lace American 1950s dresses on, and told me about your upcoming weddings. As you all know by now, I'm a hopeless romantic and it's great to share common interest with you ladies, - vintage and happy fairy-tale endings are the stuff of life, methinks.

Here are the most prominent questions you asked me:

❤ Why 1950s dresses wont fit me
The average measurements of women in the 1950s USA  were: 36 bust , 24 waist , 35 hips. Unfortunately, most of my dresses at the fair were made in the USA.

Image from Listal.com, Marilyn's waist fluctuated from 22-24 inches

❤ Why were women so small in the 1950s
Girdles and corselettes were worn to achieve the most glamorous look of all - the hourglass figure. Women's busts and hips were accentuated and waists were pushed in.

In the 1950s, the sudden need to enjoy affluence – following years of austerity during and after World War 2 – manifested in several ways, including an improvement in ladies' wardrobes. This was mainly because of the possibilities opened up by new textiles and manufacturing techniques. Women began to indulge in the ultimate "me-time" – pleasurable hours spent applying make-up and doing their hair, then dressing up in layers - foundation garments (such as girdles, corselettes, suspender belts), petticoats, a main dress and perhaps a coat, then shoes.

Image from Jumpingfrog.com

❤ I desperately want a 1950s dress. Where can I get one?
If your patience has ran out after trawling the Internet, flea markets, thrift shops to no avail:
1. Get patterns and find a good seamstress. You'll be guaranteed a perfect fit. For a touch of authenticity, try and find an original 1950s fabric.
2. Use your styling skills and mix and match a top with a 1950s skirt, etc, etc. Nowadays, anything is possible.

Image from Sensibility.com

I hope this helps.

Finally, thanks to Tinkerbelles for the lovely mention of my stall.

I leave you with this wonderful stop motion animation from the creators of Tinkerbelles who also run Manasi Kashyap Photography.

Ciao! Ciao!

Music by A Fine Frenzy (I love Alison!!)


Monday, 27 June 2011

Poetry in Fashion

 This post was featured on IFB Project no. 2
on June 29, 2011

Happy Monday, everyone!

This week, IFB is asking for haiku contributions and I'm obviously thrilled to pitch in.
Hope you like what I've come up with.

My daughter and I resting from dancing at a wedding
"From pink sparkly shoes
Someday I will be like you
Walking tall on heels"

My wedding earrings
Old things, shiny things
surround me, cheering me up
Life is beautiful

In my 1950s dress, photo by MJ Clarkson
Judge me by my ways
Not by my wardrobe or shoes
Come, let's have coffee


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stylish Blog Award Pt. 2

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!
Just had to break the rules and give out the Stylish Blogger Award for the second time in a month.

All the blogs that I follow are just wonderful and it's not right to pick and choose.
So I have the next list of the 7 great blogs that I read.

In random order...

1. Fashioned by Love
2. Lazy Saturdays
3. Adenorah
4. My Blonde Gal
5. Nothing Like Fashion
6. Sneak + Peak
7. Pink Flowers

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine...


Monday, 13 June 2011

The Vow Factor

With six more days to go before the highly anticipated Vintage Wedding Fair in Chiswick, London,  I am feeling the pressure. Trying to organise your stall in London when you're currently in Southern Europe is just a little bit over-ambitious. But, I have a few days to run around and chase my tail.

Image from Quelelcardpos

I'll be taking mostly short lace dresses from the 1950s, and Maxis from the 1960s and 1970s. The best part is knowing that  2011 is the return of lace. So for the brides-to-be who are after some examples of  this style, look no further. Please come and see us at our stall. There will be over 30 exhibitors, including an on-site alterations stall run by Unique Dress , hair and make-up, vintage live music and vintage cars.

Image from Morninglace Blogspot

The two unforgettable brides of early 2011

1. Duchess of Cambridge
I particlularly like the stunning wedding gown that the Duchess chose to wear. I know you've seen this a million times but I keep on coming back to this one. I love the way she looked back, and whilst doing so showed the back part of her dress. The Royal wedding was a momentous, happy occasion, not just for Great Britain, but for all the romantics of the world!

Image from My Celebrities Blogspot

2. Lily Allen
One of our  friends recently came back from his god-daughter's wedding. Lily looked absolutely gorgeous in lace! Congratulations to  Lily and Sam! (And baby bump).

Image from Elnosticioso via Telegraph

So my lovely friends and fellow vintage enthusiasts, save the date!
See you on Sunday!
Don't forget:
1.  Wear your vintage outfit
2.  Bring your business cards if you have them.  Say hello and get 15% off any item worth £50 and over.
3. Get ready for some vintage snapshots

Chiswick Vintage Wedding Fair (Organised by Discover Vintage)
Chiswick Town Hall
Heathfield Terrace
London W4 4JN

June 19th  11am - 4pm
Entry £5

Click here for the map


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thanks a Bunch

Hello my darlings! Hope you're all having a great day.

I've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. Yipee!Yay!

Many thanks to Carice of Clever Little Buttons, who gave me this award. I love that I've never met Carice but I feel we've bonded since I started this blog nearly two months ago. Thanks to genuine bloggers like her, this is really what it's all about - connection, communication and collaboration. Carice writes from the heart and has nothing bad to say about anyone. For me, that's simply refreshing in this usually crazy world of Fashion blogging.

Apparently this award requires me to share 7 unknown facts about me.
So here goes:

1. I'm a nocturnal person. I love the lights at night, and the way the streets look different when the sun is     gone. I love it when the moon is up and I also love night shifts
2. Coffee is my vitamin
3. I love the sound of rain, especially when inside a tin-roofed building. I sleep well when this happens
4. I love the smell of laundry that's been out in the sun. I can smell "sunlight" on the clothes
5. I used to be a competitive rockclimber
6. If I start reading a book, I can't put it down until I've reached the ending, much to my husband's annoyance
7. I dip kiwis and mangoes in salt

Image Alex Drake Vintage

So now it's time to send this award to 7 blogs I like most, in random order.
Check them out. They wont disappoint.

1. Lace & Berries
2. Fashion Bucket
3. Illustration by Katie
4. Lights so Bright
5. This Lady Behaves Vintage Look
6. Hippiebohoreloaded
7. If you can't be a work of Art, Wear one

Seven-fold blessings to one and all.

Joy x


Monday, 6 June 2011

Why wedges are better than high-heeled shoes

Apologies dear friends for the silence.
I've been traveling, a trip which took in a friend's wedding. This was a wonderful day, which set me thinking about the wonderful world of wedges.

Image from Hervelegerfall.com

❤ Versatile footwear
Wedges go perfectly with a huge variety of outfits, including dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and in fact, almost any trouser.

❤ Instant chic
Can't decide what to wear at a friend's party or another's wedding? Since wedges have been all the rage for a good three years now, it's safe to say you'll have no trouble putting together a fabulous outfit. Nipping out for a quick lunch date? Wear wedges and walk tall, oozing confidence.

❤ Easier to use
With its unified heel, it's easier to balance yourself on wedges. They're comfier than high heels because of the better support from the sole mass.

Image from Sfpnn.com

❤ Eco warrior
Wedges have been said to last forever. Admittedly, it’s not an everyday occurrence, but a high-heeled shoe is vulnerable. Heels sink into soft ground and disappear into urban grates, at which point they can easily snap. Wedges don’t. Unless you’re contemplating a spot of mountaineering, the wedge is a go-anywhere option.

Angeline Tournier Wedge, Image from Shoeperwoman
 ❤ Happy feet
It's official - wedges are safer to use than high heels. They are less likely to cause you to trip, twist your ankle, sustain nasty skin formations such as corns, calluses and bunions (yuk, I hear you say), and develop back pain.
*Wink* Take it from me who often see to patients with ankle injuries in the emergency room.

Rachel Sparrow for Cinque, as worn by yours truly

And so, back you to ladies...
What's your favourite pair amongst your collection?