Wednesday, 18 November 2015

From Finland to Dulwich Modern Show

L-R GA3 Teapot by Ulla Procopé; Fish Trivet/Chopping Board/Cheeseboard by Kaarina Aho; 'Mushroom Bowl', graphics by Esteri Tomula, bowl shape by Kaj Franck. All 1960s original from Arabia, Finland.

Hi everyone.

Three more days and it's Dulwich Midcentury Modern Show once again.
Today, I've been mainly packing items and it suddenly occurred to me that I was handling timeless, iconic pieces which are intrinsically related. The designers of these items all used to work together in the same factory, same office, same team and I can just imagine them now huddled up working on their next project in the 1950s-1960s. Team Kaj Franck participated in all design competitions held in Europe and in the USA with great results.

L-R Ulla Procopé, Kaj Franck, Esteri Tomula; no photo Kaarina Aho. Photo credit Wikipedia

Finland, as part of Nordic countries practicing Scandinavian design, has produced many influential designers. Scandinavian design conveys simple beauty inspired by nature and items needed to be accessible to all. It is our aim as traders of mid-20th century Nordic homewares to share that passion and life motto with you: good design is not exclusive. It is for everybody.


See you all at our stall, Alex Drake Vintage, Lower Hall, Dulwich.

Last minute discount tickets can be found here:


Monday, 9 November 2015

Colour Therapy Nordic Style

'Shelf-iesh, moi?'

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you're all well.

With our seven days and seven nights of rain recently, I wouldn't be surprised if you're all fed up by now. Just like me.
In between though, I've kept my spirits up by re-arranging my shelf displays.

This made me understand a little bit more as to why Nordic people on Instagram love to take photos of their shelves full to the brim of gorgeous, colourful enamel, ceramic, plastic homewares. Besides their collectability value, they lift moods up thereby sustaining motivation for daily work or chores.
Happy to say it worked for me.

We've also been busy sourcing awesome items for you so it would be great to see you again at Dulwich College for the Dulwich Modern Show on Nov 22. Be there or be square! 

Available at our stall, Lower Hall, Dulwich

Save the date for Nov 22. 10am - 4pm. There are over 60 midcentury and modern traders of furniture, lighting, homewares and textiles within 2 buildings so you'll need comfy shoes!
Early bird discount tickets are available via


Alex Drake Vintage will be at Lower Hall, Space 12, Dulwich College.