Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hoot-hoot Hooray!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!
Sounds like you've all been busy. Me too. Sadly, not in our beloved blogosphere.
Just created a little den for my pooch to help him cope with fireworks noise tonight.
I'm also working on the website. Still.
Throw in a few household jobs and I can never seem to be on top of things.
I'm sure you're all having fun whatever you may be doing.

The other day as I was opening more surplus shop stock from our storage, bagfuls of costume jewelleries spilt onto the floor and out came this little owl brooch from my 1950s collection, leading to this little post.
Alex Drake Vintage Shop, 1950s Original Owl Brooch
Large pearl, diamante, emerald and gold — they're what every stylish girl wants. Or not. It certainly looks fab on anyone's clothes.

Image from
1920s flapper-influenced costume. I bet this is great in the flesh! Roll on Christmas parties.

Image from I.
I love Pax's ensemble and this owl bag certainly completes her look.

Image via I'
This little blue owl money bank looks so cute I could eat it up. Look at those googly eyes!
('You talkin' to me?)

Image via Etsy/Black Baroque Shop
Retails at $10 on Etsy via Black Baroque. I say, what a snip! Perfect little Christmas present, don't you think?

Image via
Look at the sweater closely. Can you see the buttons? What a lovely way to complete knitted owl details. When I came across this photo my broody tendencies suddenly resurfaced. Beautiful baby. Beautiful sweater. Hmmm...maybe another baby next year? We shall see. This knitwear is called Owlet and pattern available for purchase from They also have an adult version. Get knitting!

River Island Vest
Buy stuff when you want and you can. This tasty little number is not available online anymore. I doubt if they're still in the shops. I could be wrong.

Image via Interactive 2010 Journalism/vintage owl pendants
“Costume is a wonderful alternative because 
you can get the same look without the investment. 
After all, jewelry should be about enjoyment – not about being preoccupied.”
These are the words of vintage jewellery dealer H. Deirdre Geary of De Jewels (at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show) quoted from a post called Vintage Voyage on Interactive Journalism 2010. Wise words, indeed.

Image via Topshop
Fringe is still in, vintage still trendy and figural costume jewellery is still on the rise. Get thriftin' peeps. There are so many variations that are available for less in your favourite charity shops, flea markets and jumble sales.

Image via Lisa Jones Studio
Take a tiny step towards caring for our planet.
This tea towel is one ethical product. It's printed on 100% organic fair trade cotton. What gorgeous graphics too!

A nice little item to end this post. What a gorgeous brolly holder. I want one.

How about you? Any feathered friends in your home?

Have a great weekend my lovelies.
Ciao! Ciao!

Joy x



  1. Hello!

    I know that feeling about never being on top of it all... hence my very late post about our swap which is now up. Thank you again for the lovely items and for the post about your goodies. I hope your doggy was not too stressed!

    Jo x

  2. Thanks Jo. Theo dog didn't stop shakin til 1am. Poor mutt.
    Will check out your post now. How exciting!
    J xx

  3. I love all these owl items! I especialy like the owl jumper, I'm so glad they make it for grown ups too I hate it when you see something for a baby/child that i'd like.

    I have a big white sequin owl from paperchase.

  4. Hi Nadia,
    Thanks for your visit. Glad you like owls too.
    I love Paperchase and everything they sell!
    Time to get Christmas items from them soon :)
    Joy x

  5. Owlicious baby! I'm a bit broody too, if they came gift-wrapped in those cute jumpers I'd get another one tomorrow.

    I'm sure there's a joke in Tea Towel /Teat Owl somewhere too...great design on that.

  6. @Lakota Teehee!! You clever clogs :)
    J xx

  7. Love them..owls are so sweet!! I really would love that owl bank, it's way precious!! And the brooch you found is darling, vintage pieces are always great...hope you are doing well! x

  8. i love owl everything!! I'm actually wearing an owl ring in my latest blog post! That owl bank is seriously ADORABLE!!
    Xox <3 An
    Enter my giveaway for a pair of Buffalo Skinny Jeans :)

  9. @Kizzy and An, Thanks for your comments.
    Hope all's well :)
    Joy xx

  10. I'm going to check out Black Baroque's shop, I loved that print! :) Owls are too cute :)

  11. I always like owls.. now one more reason to love it

  12. Thanks Katie and Lee. Hope you guys are well. Hope to get one of Black Baroque's print, too, Katie.
    Lovin' your new avatar Lee, by the way :)
    J x

  13. I fell in love with a dress in the second picture and the child's sweater. is so adorable! wonderful, wonderful post !!!:) very inspiring:) xoxoxo

  14. Thanks, Flara. I'd love to have that dress too! The creator was very nice about me using that photo from her site. She's a really talented artist :)
    J x

  15. i just bought one of those owl necklaces over ebay, soo cute!
    i really like your blog, now following :)

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