Friday, 20 May 2011

La Dolce Vita

Image by Alex Drake Vintage

Happy Friday, everyone!

Have you ever found your life is so hectic you hardly ever notice you're surrounded by little treasures and blessings? My post today is about a snippet of life in Italy. It's not as sweet and lovely as anyone thinks since we're finishing a house project for a friend. The stressful encounters with Italian builders, the race to the supermarket to get provisions before that daily four-hour lunch break, the scary incidents at the local hospital... these things are reasons enough to make you forget you're in a special place.

And so my lovelies, I believe it's time to remind myself why the concept of Italian life lured me into saying "Yes" to the farm house project.

These are my Italian inspirations.
Hope you like them too.

Image from Couture Zappos

Sergio Rossi
Besides Manolo Blahnik, and my good friend Rachel Sparrow, Signor Rossi is my other favourite shoe designer. His natural talent and hard work propelled him to international fame. I love that he instigated an environmental first for the shoe industry by launching the biodegradable Eco Pump shoes in 2009. Part of the sales would go to To me, that's commendable. I imagine his humble beginnings instilled in him an extraordinary work ethic and respect for people - a trait difficult to find in the industry these days.
I also love that the first shop to bear his name is only 20 kilometers away from where I live.

Image from Fashion Collective

Nothing's more soothing than having a nice pastel gelato on a hot and sunny afternoon.
It has lower fat content and is packed with natural fruit or nut flavours. Ladies, if you ever come for a visit, I'd happily treat you to an afternoon of gelato experience at our local gelateria.

Image by Alex Drake Vintage

Vintage bicycles
If the Italians are not in a racing competition (the great Giro d'Italia which, by the way, is still on) they can be seen on their bikes, rickety or not, on the way to the market or to the beach. Now that's a healthy lifestyle! The sight of a 70-year old person cycling around is not uncommon.

Costanza Pascolato of Vogue Brazil, Image from Into The Gloss

Stylish Mamas
It's refreshing to see that fashion is not just for young people around here. Senior Italian women are  simply admirable in saying no to 'BB (Beige Brigade)'.  They dress up just like Costanza Pascolato everyday without fail, especially for the traditional afternoon Passeggiata, or stroll, which starts after 4pm.

Fur coat... check. Scarf...check. Sunnies...check. Immaculate coiffure...check. Leather handbag...check. Heeled shoes...check!
Even in southern Italy, they continue to be fashion inspirations to us all.

Image Alex Drake Vintage

Rural life
Believe it or not, despite the exclusivity of Milan Fashion shows, Italy is made up of two parts: one, the highly industrial north where everyone's awash with style and indifference, and two, the rustic south, where people are friendly and feed you their Mama's food until your belly hurts.
More vino, anyone?



  1. Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Gelato sounds a great idea for summer.
    Lee x

  2. And you. Thanks Lee. Back in London town actually. Taking photos of peeps as inspired by you :) - J x

  3. The lady in the Vogue Brazil photo is awesome

  4. I really, really want to go sailing now! lovely photo


  5. Thanks Katie. Thanks Gabrielle. Hope you guys are having a fab weekend!!
    Joy xx


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