Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Is London Fashion Week Poor?

LFW SS12  From L-R: 1&2 Matthew Williamson; 3&4 Julien Macdonald; Photos via London Fashion Week

Hello my darlings! How's everybody?
Apologies for the 2-week silence. Now that we've moved back to England and that the Internet is back just 5-minutes ago, we're back to business. Thanks to all your messages of concern. Nothing untoward has happened. Just moved house 1,200 miles away and waited for Internet connection for a few days. I am really touched by your kindness.

Today is the last day of Women's Wear at the London Fashion Week (LFW) SS12 and there has been wonderful shows. As most of you would’ve seen live presentation or live streams, I won’t be talking about them.
I did receive an invite for Day 1’s Orla Kiely show but due to domestic constraints, I couldn’t come. So where’s this post leading to?
The other day, I happened to read a week-old article in the Guardian which talked about top models avoiding the London show due to poor pay. Worse, this morning, there is another related piece on the Telegraph (both articles below). Let me share what I think of it.

As most of you will know, I've only been fashion blogging since May this year. I love the process of gaining new knowledge on just about anything interesting. I'm just beginning to understand stuff about the fashion industry.

So let me continue.
A couple of months ago, when the unconfirmed details of designers showing at LFW were released, I had a quick look and made me ask "where are the well-known luxury brands?". Then I tried reading some more to find out if it's in fact traditional for bigger brands not to show in London.

There are two things I've recently found out: One, that LFW is known for its distinctively creative shows and new designers come to showcase. Two, big brands still prefer to show in Paris, New York and Milan. This begs another question: What's wrong with London? If top models are unhappy with their pay and the logistics of getting to London whilst trying to get cast for Milan (Milan show starts soon after London show ends), then it means something’s not right.

Some observers pointed out that if companies like Topshop and Tesco are major sponsors, then LFW gives off an impression that the event is not haute fashion. But then someone needs to sponsor a big event like this.
Mary Katrantzou SS12 at LFW today via Glam.co.uk

I don't personally know anyone working in the British Fashion Council (BFC) but I do know the organisation exists as an advocate of new and established British designers. I trust that they are diligently fulfilling their duties. It’s not an easy job and as British supporters we should also do our part to promote and spread the word about LFW’s unique, unconventional and fresh home-grown designers. Maybe then we’ll be at par with Paris, New York, and Milan. Then again, maybe we do not need to be at par with anyone. Maybe we just need to be different, to be truly great at what we do. It's comforting to know that several well-known designers have all studied in the UK's Central St. Martins College. Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, Jenny Packham, Katherine Hamnett, Matthew Williamson, Bruce Oldfield, Riccardo Tisci, Mary Katrantzou are among a few of these big names.

How about you? What do you think of London Fashion Week? Do you agree that LFW is better or worse than Paris, New York and Milan shows? Is London being 'bullied' by the other three shows?

Read the Guardian article here and quite a controversial piece from Fashion Telegraph here.

Hope you're all well.
It's great to be back!



  1. Welcome back darling!! I'm glad nothing was wrong, I kept swinging by here to see if new posts were up, but I'm glad all is ok! I hope the move was ok too. I think its a bit sad that this is happening really. I think the London fashion scene has something the others don't have, this sense of quirkiness that I love here. I adore the Paris fashion week, but I think that each should stillg et equal chance, as it's the best chance to see new talent and designs. If we just paid attention to the same shows all the time, fashion would get overly boring and very similar. And I think British fashion has a long backlog of history in Fashion and should be respected for that. Models who are skipping out on this one is sad. I think it is getting bullied by the others & it's not very fair if designers are calling models in early when they know that another fashion week is happening, there should be some kind of space and respect given. And there should be more home grown talent standing up to this!! Ok, I am done, haha!! Have a fantastic week sunshine!! xx

  2. Hi Kizzy! Thanks for your kind words. Will check out other blogs again, including yours. Yes, it's a shame this is happening. I guess it's all down to money as usual.
    Joy xx

  3. Your welcome doll! Miss ya as well. Yes, everything is always down to money, ruins things as much as it helps things I guess. All is well here..enjoying the late sunshine..Kizzy xx

  4. I've always considered LFW to be one of the more creative, more dynamic and colorful Fashion Weeks. And I think the images you posted illustrates just that. Julien Macdonald's designs are divine.

    Happy to see your back in the blogosphere! Congrats on your big move, and hope you are enjoying your new locale :)

  5. Hello my lovely, I missed you too, but we are back on track.
    I love Mary Katrantzou so much.
    So glad to have you back.

  6. Thanks Sacramento. The Internet is indeed our friend :) xxx
    Thanks Katie. We're back at our old stomp where so many good things are happening - music, arts, theatre and fashion xxx

  7. great collections- I love Mary's, always!
    Come follow my blog hun!

  8. Oh, where do I begin? Welcome back, darling! Lovely to see you back. :)
    As far as LFW goes... Uhm... Frankly, the only thing that keeps me excited about it is Burberry Prorsum, the rest is just a blend of designs in development that often (apart from Mary Katrantzou) resemble other designer's works... Can't help it - it's so into my face...
    I can't even compare it to Milan or Paris - those are dream destinations and that's part of the reason why Galliano and McQueen are there, not in London. I'm sure London will eventually get to the same level because it's clearly getting better, but it's going to take time.


  9. very interesting view of London Fashion Week. I always read your articles with great interest. congratulations on the move. I hope that you will be happy with the new place:) xx


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