Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A black arm band for London Riots

Do not forget the lives lost of those who fought so that peace may be restored.
Our lives begin to end
the minute we become silent
about things that matter.

- Martin Luther King

My dear friends, as much as I'd like to carry on with my life, a few thousand miles away from the place I  call home, England is currently in deep trouble.

The London Riots which started as a peaceful protest for a man shot by the police a couple of days ago are now simply full-blown. Utter chaos and random looting are sweeping across cities of Britain. And whilst the mobs destroy innocent lives and buildings, police, fire and emergency services are working overtime to contain this nonsense violence. I've just watched a video of a young man nursing a nose-bleed when another man approached him, purportedly to help, then opened the injured's rucksack and helped himself with the contents. Absolutely disgusting.

I'm all for demonstrations and all that (I was young once)  but I prefer peaceful ones and to set fire on other people's small businesses and steal their properties in these economically hard times is a complete disrespect for human rights. End of. 
Having a retail shop doesn't mean the owner is rich.

It's disappointing to realise that Britain and the Commonwealth's triumph during the two World Wars has now gone to waste. We're supposed to be acknowledging courageous efforts of both surviving and fallen civilians and soldiers when they fought to stop tyranny so that the future generations may have democracy, peace and wealth. And now, we're in complete decline.

As much as I'd like to pretend everything is OK, I can't ignore this unrest. As my protest against the senseless riots, I'm taking a few days off blogging and I'm hoping that this horrendous situation that's gripping the country will soon be resolved.

Keep safe, everyone.


Photo: Flickr by Michele Catania



  1. Fantastic post!! You've said exactly what I've been saying all day & to some people its just gone out the window. I think I will be taking a few days off too, to just let this all sink in and get some balance from it, just seems to hit all at once!! Lots of love to you!! xx

  2. And P.S. I saw that video of the men helping the guy bleed only so the others can rob him, just made me feel so ill, I can't believe someone would do that!! So sad!!

  3. It's really sad and, if I'm totally honest, frightening... I just can't understand what kind of person one needs to be to be able to do things like that... I mean, they are human beings and yet, not so much... :(

  4. Hi ladies.
    Thanks for your comments. Really appalling events and certainly scary for people living in these affected boroughs.
    Take care both xxx

  5. I hope that all of this comes to a peaceful resolution......more deaths is not something the world needs at the moment....
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xx

  6. It's been crazy. I've just heard that they arrested someone for the huge fire in Croydon which destroyed the century old furniture store - he was 21 and he might as well have been from another planet for all I know his motivation. Am I so old and out of touch now at 34?

  7. @ Chari T - Thanks, hon. Must be awful for the people in the areas who are feeling the immediate effects.
    @ Lakota - Glad someone's been arrested. Both sad and frustrating. Even if they blame the government I always say family units are ultimately responsible. As a parent, your utmost important job is to instill respect to others and teaching your kids to be accountable for the choices they make. Then they can grow up as normal citizens. It might not happen all the time but if they have that tiny bit of decency, maybe these things wont happen...Now I sound as if I'm 64 years old! :)

  8. Thanks CottonCandy!
    Hope all's well.
    Joy x


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