Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Why music is important for runways... and some free tracks

Tsumori Chisato Fall 2011, Paris FW, Image via busk.com

Hi everybody!
Is it just me or is everyone brimming with excitement each day for the London Fashion Week and the London IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) conference?

In the meantime, I've been tripping on Soundcloud and found these tunes for all you fans of the runway.

Music is an indispensable part of any collection during a fashion show. If clothes are the heart of any collection, then music is the soul. When the models are released on the catwalk wearing the designer's creations, the music accompanying their movements is critical. It can swing the collection either way - it can boost the desirability of the collection, or kill it and relegate it to the concept bin.

I hope you like my hand-picked selection. The artists that I've chosen are absolutely talented, and if you like music, put your dancing shoes on right this minute. It all begins with a shimmy....


PS. Let me know what your favourite runway tunes are. I'd like to think there are lots of you who can't live a day without listening to music.

Joy xx

Issey Miyake, Fall 2011, Paris fashion week, Image via busk.com
For maximum pleasure, I recommend leaving this page on (if you're working or browsing) so you can carry on listening to these delightful tunes.

❤ Laurent Garnier
Laurent Garnier - Wake Up by laurent garnier

❤ Adam Beyer
Adam Beyer - Simple Maze by Drumcode

❤ John Tejada
John Tejada "Subdivided" (from the new album "Parabolas") by Kompakt

❤ Röyksopp
Röyksopp - This Space by grayleaves

❤ Scottie B uk
Scottie B - Drama by ScottieBuk

❤ Drum & Bass World Records
Drum and Bass - DETAIL - Living In Liquid Harmony by Drum & Bass World Records

❤ Oni Ayhun
Oni Ayhun - OAR003-B by electralina

❤ Killing Joke's Asteroid (track by Scott D Thompson)
Try and listen to Killing Joke here to feel the full effect of 'an army of drummers'
Dave Grohl did the post-production drums for this phenomenal band!
Scott D Thompson Asteroid by Scott D Thompson



  1. Love the tunes..each brings great atmosphere! I always like 'Faithless' tracks on the runway or something like that! Fab picks..hope all is going well xx

  2. you're amazing! literally read my mind:) Right now I was looking for some cool song and I found it when I entered on your blog! my favorite is Drum & Bass, got a great climate! thanks my dear:)

  3. There's nothing worse than attending shows with grating music that doesn't fit the theme. My perfect soundtracks are usually ambient and atmospheric. A show that springs to mind is Alexander McQueen's Plato's Atlantis - the inter-spliced music, the video, the staging and the live-streaming were all so well considered.

  4. @Kizzy: thanks hon. We're good. Getting ready to move back to good old, Blighty :) I like Faithless!

    @Flara: hey, you! Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you like D&B. I hope you join Soundcloud. Great things are happening there right now :)

    @Lucinda: absolutely! Mismatch music and theme always a no-no. I looovve ambient! Hope you're well. :)

  5. Issey Miyake Fall collection left me speechless..
    Love those patterns

  6. @Lee: Yes, aren't they just gorgeous?

    J x

  7. Great music selection. I agree with you on the importance of music choice for the runway! Issey Miyake is an amazing designer.


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