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Eye Scandi

Art + Design = Scandi sweetness

Happy Saturday, everyone!

For quite sometime I used to buy and sell mid-20th century furniture. About four years ago, I realised vintage design has finally gone viral. I knew then it was truly thriving and will do so for a long time. I hope.
Amongst my collection, Scandinavian pieces are always popular, just after Americana. I believe it's because they are organic, useful, and radiates unparalleled elegance and simplicity.

Kathryn Tyler's kitchen
❤ Furniture
Last week, I sent an email to Kathryn Tyler, a young interior designer whose Falmouth home was featured a year ago on Channel 4's Grand Designs. Originally, I was going to ask her a few questions as part of my blog Q & A. She replied to my email immediately but politely declined because she's been constantly subjected to similar things,  presumably as an aftermath of her TV appearance. Nonetheless, she was happy for me to have her home photos shown here.

Kathryn's Corkellis House

Kathryn's house — which she designed herself and project-managed — exudes magnificent sense of space, fluidity, and freshness. Thanks to her understated aesthetic ideals and her choice of Scandinavian furniture.

Sweden's Acne Resort Collection 2012 via
❤ Clothing
When it comes to fashion, Scandinavian designs are now getting more noticed. With their history of producing high-quality textiles, it's no surprise that the next logical step is to create clothing designs that are well-researched, well-constructed as influenced by their love of architecture, and are  affordable.

Finnish brand Marimekko SS11 via
Marimekko has been one of the leading textile companies since the 1950s in Europe and now that vintage is back, they're stronger than ever. Spots, stripes, and big flowery pot prints are their trademark and they've never stopped re-inventing them. 

Image from, Black Noir, Henrik Vibskov, Moonspoon Saloon, Peter Jensen, Vilsbøl de Arce, Wood Wood

From furniture to clothes, Scandinavian design is true to its roots - minimalistic yet sophisticated, luxurious yet functional, and ethical (as in not a 'rip-off' like most fashion brands we see globally).
I personally would wear any Scandinavian clothing, anytime.

How about you, any thoughts on Scandinavian designs? Are you a proud owner of their clothing lines or using their furniture in your lovely home? I'd love to hear from you.


Credit: for Kathryn Tyler's house Kathryn's design studio



  1. Very nice post!
    I am italian and I relocated to Stockholm 1 month ago. I must admit that Scandinavian people have a really high conscience and taste for clean architecture and furniture.
    Let me know if are planning a visit :)

  2. Very nice post about the scandinavian design !
    I saw that you "applied" to be part of IFB's 20 best posts of the week as we are so I wanted to have a look at your post since the title sounded interesting.

    Too bad Corkellis refused to answer your questions. But i think you're right. Scadinavians have such a peaceful and respectful way of living and it shows in their designs. Some of the best street style outfits I've seen were taken in Sweden for instance. And it's no wonder why everybody loves IKEA, haha

    Absolute B. from Incognito

  3. the design is very pretty, simple but elegant <3
    your blog is just so brilliant! I am a lover of interior design

    sweet and sugars,

  4. Thanks Simply Frabulous!
    Glad you like. You're welcome to stay with me in England if you're coming over :)
    Have a great weekend! Enjoy Stockholm!
    Joy x

  5. Hi Absolute B,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I don't blame Kathryn for declining. I imagine it must overwhelming getting all these emails from strangers. :)
    Hope your weekend is going well.
    Joy xx
    PS. Good luck on your LALM entry.

  6. Thanks Dias.
    Glad you like my blog.
    Will check out yours now.
    Have a great Sunday!
    Keep in touch :)
    Joy xx

  7. Very interesting article:) I love your blog, because I can always learn something new and interesting, as now I could read about Scandinavian design:)
    You write custom posts and I see that you have an interesting perspective on the world. keep up:)

  8. Thanks, Flara! I'm happy that my blog makes others happy. Keep in touch!
    Joy xxx

  9. i def can see the minimalism and sophistication which i love!!!
    that house is so cute!

  10. Thanks Derek.
    Hope to see you again here soon.
    Joy xx

  11. We have Danish chairs. They're gorgeous!
    This post is great. Thanks!

  12. Amazing post about Scandinavian design!
    And wow! The catwalk between the flowers with the striped catwalk is sooo amazing ö It looks so chic and also so dreamy! Love it :)

    xxx London

    ps: you can still join our giveaway

  13. Hi Marie,
    Wonderful! Danish chairs are a great investment too :)
    Joy x

  14. Thanks London. Yes they do :)
    Glad you like.
    Have a good week :)
    Joy xx

  15. Scandinavian people have great taste.. I am still dying to go there and photograph street style until my fingers fall off.. hahah
    lee x

  16. Hi Lee.
    You're absolutely right. I'm sure you'll have a ball taking photos! Haven't been to these countries either :)
    Joy x


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