Monday, 25 April 2011

10 Things I Like About the 1950s

Alex Drake Vintage Collection
1. 1950s Full-skirt Dresses
Bejewelled Blue Dress is by Lilli Diamond of California

Image Vintage Shoes, by Caroline Cox
   2. Group of 'New Look' styled low-heeled pumps.
These shoes are wonderful all-rounders.  

Alex Drake Vintage Collection
3. 1950s American Swimsuit
Get splashin' in style!

4. Cat eyewear.
When I was in high school, my friends
would tease me and say, 'hey you look like a 40-year old'.
Now they're the trend for 2011. How fabulous!

Hand-stripped by Alex Drake Vintage for 7 days!
5. Ercol sofa
Its classic, streamlined look will always be its strength.

6. Colourful fabrics
Bright is beautiful.

Image Wikipedia
7. Eames Lounge Chair
No home should be without one.

Alex Drake Vintage Collection
8. Tiki Bars
Get one now for the summer.
 And don't forget to stock-up on martini glasses.

Alex Drake Vintage Collection
9. Piquot Ware Tea & Coffee Set
I love its industrial look.

10. Rock and Roll
It was influential in shaping other music forms, 
dance styles, and even fashion. 
The heroes of rock and roll created trends through the images
of them that appeared in print and the then-nascent medium of television.



  1. A post full of eye candy - thanks for this! I do love the 50s...think my husband would draw the line at a Tiki bar though

  2. oh, I saw the Eames Lounge Chair in white last year at Liberty London - I absolutely love it!

  3. Ah! So did my husband. Until he stood behind the bar. :) j❤Y x

  4. @Viviane They're absolutely comfy. :) xx

  5. Ohh i am in love with that ercol sofa!!!
    x milla

  6. Thanks, Milla. It had a dark stain when I bought it. jx

  7. That blue dress is awesome, so classic and feminine. :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. we have that Eames that an original Herman Miller? or an inspired one... golly Joy, I think the dresses look nice..

  9. @Addie Thanks! That's very kind. Love it too! :) joy x

  10. @gogendaz The photo is a file image from wiki. I don't think photo is of the original chair. So happy you have one!! - jx

  11. @From Broadway Thanks very much! The waist is so tiny!! :)

  12. I love the 1950s, the dress is lovely :)
    ~ Lorna

  13. Thanks Lorna!
    I like your blog by the way. Voted for Audrey of course :)
    joy xx

  14. This blue vintage dress is fabulous.. love the silhouette
    Lee x

  15. Thanks Lee. The handmade beaded jewellry details are simply divine and I'm very surprised they're still intact. :) J xx

  16. The blue dress is divine! I am following you - you can follow me at my brand new blog:

    Much luv,

  17. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks! Following you now too. Hope you like IFB. - J x


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