Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring 2011

It's currently 17-degrees and sunny on the Adriatic Coast. The lovely view in front of our flat does nothing but inspire me to sort my clothes collection, organising them for my wedding Vintage Fair in London in two months. For now, please enjoy this little collage, inspired by the colour palette from Pantone.
1.Panton Flower Pot Lamps (estilointeiors.com)   2.Yellow Panton Chair (designguide.cz)  3.Brown 60s Bowling bag (alexdrake vintage)  4.Yellow 60s Dress (alexdrake vintage) 5.Pantone Spring 2011 Palette (idesignlove.com)  6.Yellow 70s Panasonic R-70 "Panapet" Radio (alexdrake vintage)  7.Brown  60s Heeled Sandals (alexdrake vintage)



  1. Thanks for your kind words. Hope you're better :) x

  2. OMG Joy, if you need assistant when you go to London for that wedding vintage fair, take me take me!!!! Ill pay you to take me hahaa. Im serious I can be your side kick and ill dress up vintage hehehe xx

  3. Hey Joy! Good to see you here. Good call on the wedding fair. Will email you. Thanks! - J xx


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