Monday, 18 April 2011

Soleful Monday

Happy Monday, everyone!

In my attempt to start the day right, I thought getting glammed up is the best way to prepare oneself in thinking up some great ideas for this week's blog.

My bright, red shoes were winking at me, so how could I resist?

And then it hit me. Why not talk about shoes? We currently live with our shoe designer friend, Rachel, in Italy's shoe-making capital, Civitanova Marche. Sorted!

I've always been fascinated with Rachel and her natural creativity. She once came to visit our house in Britain two years ago, then having sat on our vintage leather sofa, started doodling. She was on holiday by the way. Apparently the buttons on the sofa were inspiring her. She left brandishing sketches of what would become part of her winter collection. That in my book, is talent. I suppose that's why she was asked to design the shoes included in an Oscars goodie bag in 2003.

Now, why might an outdoor,  'wash-and-wear' girl like me be interested in shoes?

When I was 13 I had the opportunity to visit the old residential palace of Imelda Marcos in Manila, two years after they were evicted by the Filipino people during the first Bloodless Revolution of the twentieth century. The tour in the palace was part of our history class, and all I could remember was my friend telling me to shut my mouth, as apparently I was nearly dribbling, in constant awe at Imelda's notorious shoe collection, at the sight of Salvatore Ferragamos, and the multitude of massive vats of perfume. I thought: 'so that's where the government money went!'.

This morning, I took a photo of this two year-old shoe. It's a revival of the typical killer heels of the mid '80s. The heel is so high it's half-way impossible to walk on.
In a decade where women were taking on powerful, successful roles in the workplace, these heels were perfect for projecting an image of 'metropolitan chic meets dominatrix', according to a book called Vintage Shoes, by Caroline Cox.

Rachel says that the recent global economic downturn is similar to the economic recession in the '80s. Shoe psychology is echoing that period, and the worse things become financially the higher heels become. I personally think this statement makes sense.

Nevertheless, shoes will always be a vital part of living, and will continue to be objects of art and functionality.

If you're ever in need of a boost, put your favourite garment on and pair it with your favourite shoes. Chances are, if they are colourful they'll make you feel better. Trust me, it works wonders for me, every time.

Oh, and don't forget your handbag.



  1. i never would have thought of you as a glammy shoe lady... but things change... for the better =) i love shoes as well...

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  3. Ah, there is nothing like a pretty red pair of shoes!

  4. Spoken like a true glam girl :) J xx

  5. Wow, these red shoes really look good :D Very nice

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  6. Hey there! Good to see you here! Thanks for your kind words. That little ledge on our balcony flat is my fave spot for taking photos. With the sea as the backdrop, the photo somehow ends up looking like a 'giant alien' has landed. :) - J ♥♥♥

  7. Beautiful shoes and a lovely blog! will be following to see more! xx

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  15. great post! I wish to visit imelda marcos collection too haha :)

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  17. Love those shoes!

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  23. First off, you have the most wonderfully lovely site if I do say so myself, each post so bright and colourful and delightful.
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