Friday, 1 April 2011

First Blog

Before my vintage clothes collecting frenzy commenced, I began buying mid-20th Century furniture and collectables while I was pregnant with my daughter. When she turned six-months old, my loving husband reminded me that our house was becoming a warehouse. I countered that it was his doing, since I was influenced   by his sporadic collection of antique furniture and ephemera, and the classic car he was doing up in the garage. This point didn't have the impact I hoped, unfortunately.

I decided that in order to justify my collecting, I would start a Vintage Shop. That way I could buy new items once I had sold something. This is rather habit-forming, unfortunately. And buying often runs ahead of selling. This, I discovered, is where storage units come into their own.

This is one of countless Kitchen Larders that I've bought and sold over the years. I've always believed that a home is no home without a good kitchen, and a good kitchen has functional wares that look cool.



  1. I bet your home is full of interesting pieces! you got my full attention now Joy. That polka settie looks amazing! im a big fan of cath kidston too.xx

  2. I've just discovered your blog whilst looking for fellow thrift and vintage lovers and really enjoyed your posts. I love those kitchen cabinets, the elderly neighbour I visited as a child had a green one which I coveted even then (I think her Welsh terraced house may also be why I want a pantry) but it was probably thrown out by her daughter when she died.

    Thanks for the inspiring posts about trading in vintage, this is something I'd love to do further down the line, and I'm just beginning to dip my toe into the water of re-selling. I can foresee my problem being an inabilty to part with things!

    Following your blog with interest as your 'welcome' lists all the things I also like to talk about!

  3. Thanks for you kind words Joy and Lakota. The polka dot settee is an Edwardian piece, and it was my first settee upholstery project. I can't remember how I did it but I remember giving up the 'gimps' (little nails) and hunting for an upholstery stapler! It was bought by a client in London. Hope they still have it. :) - Jx

  4. What a lovely thing to happen. You're such an inspiration. Thank you!


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